With offices in Houston, Texas and Bakersfield, California, ENIGMA Multimedia Marketing Consultancy is your full-service choice for marketing projects. We’re mobile and ready to help your company or organization crack the code of effective marketing through web design and development, social media, graphic design and more.


a professional practice that gives expert advice within a particular field, especially business.

Brand loyalty, consumer reach and information decimation continues to build upon the social platforms. ENIGMA’s journalism experience, marketing and strategy expertise and endless dedication to clients makes ENIGMA your first choice.

ENIGMA focuses on developing a digital and social media calendar with clients to have a more proactive approach to marketing across digital platforms. Whether promoting events, creating stronger brand awareness, cultivating new donors or maintaining established relationships, ENIGMA uses videography, photography and a targeted audience approach to its strategies.

While maneuvering the continuous ebb and flow of traditional media outlets, ENIGMA works with clients to create their own buzz, tell their unique stories and invite the community in to their efforts and overall vision. It’s important to establish a cohesive brand and have social media work in your favor!

Current Clients